# Commands.executeFunction.

execute(config::Settings) :: Void

Runs the requested Genie app command, based on the args passed to the script.


# Commands.parse_commandline_argsFunction.

parse_commandline_args() :: Dict{AbstractString,Any}

Extracts the command line args passed into the app and returns them as a Dict, possibly setting up defaults. Also, it is used by the ArgParse module to populate the command line help for the app -h.


# Commands.check_valid_task!Function.

check_valid_task!(parsed_args::Dict{AbstractString,Any}) :: Dict{AbstractString,Any}

Checks if the name of the task passed as the command line arg is valid task identifier – if not, attempts to address it, by appending the "Task" suffix. Returns the potentially modified parsed_args Dict.


# Commands.called_commandFunction.

called_command(args::Dict, key::String) :: Bool

Checks whether or not a certain command was invoked by looking at the command line args.